Dear Stakeholders,

All business world actors facing the risk multiverse have experienced extraordinary challenges resulting from pandemics, geopolitical tensions, climate change, supply chain disruptions, employee shortages and market fluctuations. No individual or single industry has been immune.

Managing our businesses through turbulent times is not an easy task. Companies need a well-defined north star to guide them. Staying true to our ethics and values will guide us to safe waters and make us better and stronger.

After overcoming every obstacle, the boundaries of our ethical horizons will expand. With this in mind, we plan to hold the 11th International Ethics Summit, whose theme is "Navigating the Ethical Horizons", on October 8, 2024, with a full-day program at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel. At the event we aim to expand our horizons by discussing trends and topics in the field of ethics and compliance that will direct the development of the business world and society. We look forward to benefitting from the different perspectives of our expert and experienced speakers.

We would be honored to see you among us at the 11th International Ethics Summit.